Friday, November 17, 2017

Work for the Weekend

Hi friends!
Got this one ironed yesterday.
 Maybe i can get it quilted this weekend.
I am trying to do at least two or more log cabin blocks every day so yesterday put the eight up and started making them again.
Got my next three done!
yesterday all i did was go get a haircut so should have gotten more done. But it was my night to mop and clean. At least i got finished with that and today i feel awful! Maybe i did to much! I can hear my mom saying that!
Drinking a cup of tea hoping to get some energy.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eight Blocks

Hi friends!
We ran around yesterday so i didn't think I would get any sewing done.
But last night I made a few more blocks.
We went to Rome for my drivers licences but before we went I got on their site and filled out my paper work and it just took a minute. I did the eye test and had my picture done , ugly as usual and paid ! Lots better than last time.
We came back and paid out taxes , car and property and ran a bunch of errands and bought groceries.
By the time we got home it was to late to go to the meeting where they gave our quilt to the winner and then they were going to give the 390.00 we raised to the fire dept.
I guess their will be pictures in the paper. I will post them when I see them.
On the Dr. yesterday morning , they said that drinking English breakfast tea would help you lose weight. So bough some and tried it !
I think it has lots of caffeine. I didn't tire and was able to sew after all that running around.
We will see about the lose weight thing!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Log Cabin Blocks

Hi friends!
I cut mostly yesterday and made little piles of parts on top of a lid to a tote.
Added a few and sewed those together and ironed them. Cut a few more.
I have five completed but trying to speed up the process.
Got way to much to do before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I see one out of these four that i will have to redo.
I laid it over, how i don't know!
I am going to have to set me up a system and do them one section at a time.
Yesterday the mail man brought me these.
I won them on facebook! From
In case you can't read that it says Pelenna Patchworks from the UK.Its called the Chievely fat quarter pack!
Beautiful fabrics. and it came really fast to be coming across the ocean.
We went yesterday and picked up Tommy's new glasses. and the our fall colors are vanishing fast.
Lots of leaves have already fallen.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Hi friends!
We had our beautiful Katy Jo over Friday night . We had fun!
She was finding her clothes for after her bath on Sat. morning.
This is Luke's sister. You remember him staying one day.
I had used a four inch middle and didn't like how that looked so they or on the couch to be ripped and i tried a 3 inch one.
I like it a whole lot better.
I have made one more since then.
So two and how many more for a king sized quilt?
This is a Christmas present! Going to have to move on this.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Q-Bee's Night

Hi friends!
This is Vickie holding up Sharon's Quilt. She couldn't be there but she brought her quilt to me to take to the meeting.
It is beautiful! She did a really good job.
Bonnie handing a microwave cozy that Fay made to Susan as we pass things around to look at them.
Fay makes these bags for the sheriff's office for children with a teddy bear , toothpaste and brush and a comb .
Charlotte holding her wedding ring wheelchair quilt.
This is the other wheel chair quilt she made.
This is the quilt we made for the fire dept. We raised 390.00 dollars by saling dollar chances.
This is Diann's second wheelchair quilt for the nursing home.
This is Bonnie's wheelchair quilt. We take them to the nursing home next month.
We had a great time as usual! Last night we added food! Bonnie made the greatest tasting cookies! So we all had to know what was in them.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Doing Nothing!

Hi friends!
I made this but think i will go back and start with a 2 1/2 inch center. This size makes it look strange.
This one is waiting to be ironed so i can quilt it but yesterday i just sat down and read! I think i was just tired!
This is the view from behind our garden spot.
Made last week when the sun was shining!
Isn't shining now and hasn't in a few days and after a while it gets me down. So i read instead of sewing !
Q_Bees meeting tonight so i have been gathering things up to carry down there.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ready to Quilt!

Hi friends!
I got it sandwiched!
It has a really crazy backing to it , three different fabrics sewed together.
My table works good for a queen sized but i hate to do a king!
Hoping to be able to give it to him Thanksgiving.
I won this the other day from Fabric and Quilts.
I love that quilt , and they sent me a pattern to make it .  Hopefully after Christmas i will have time to start this beauty.
That's a whole lot of fabric! and all beautiful!
But Christmas sewing comes first.
Have a good one , cool here and cloudy. a good sewing day.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mark's Quilt Top Done

Hi friends!
The next row on Mark's quilt!
I put all the rows that had enough blocks made and added them together.
Added two more rows but it's not wide enough!
Added ten inches on each side.
But still not finished!
Since it's plenty long enough i just added three inches on top and bottom.
Last touch , racing strip's!
It's ready to sandwich so i can start Christmas !!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

50th anniversary

Hi friends!
This is my brother and sis in law with their two kids and two grands with Clint's girlfriend. Mel's hubby Greg is in the hospital but his sis came up to stay with him while Mel did this.And Clint's friend is on Chemo so no hair.
He is the best brother!
Pictures at the cake.
We went there Saturday after the funeral of Tommy's last aunt. She was over my boss for 18 years when i worked at Best.
She was a sweet lady.
But i was getting tired after this so we came home . I nearly feel asleep before bed time. Then was awake during the nigh from hurting. to much standing on coment floors in my life.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Mark's Quilt

Hi friends!
We stayed at home yesterday and rested.
I rested by sewing!
Started putting together Mark's quilt. I still needed to make some more blocks  but hope to find the time this weekend to do it.
Hope to get at least another row added today .
It is certainly going to be the brightest quilt i have every made.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Row!

Hi friends!
Next row on Mark's quilt.
I had ordered some more battening from Walmart and picked it up at the store saving shipping .
This may make three quilts it's 96 by 9 yards.
I will have to buy some more to finish all my Christmas things i am sure!
I will have some secret sewing between now and then. But Mark's is a late birthday present!
It's safe to talk about it.
It takes a whole lot of battening!
I had better get to work!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hi friends!
Our only trick or treaters last night.
The one without a face was Luke. You saw pictures of him when we keep him one day. He looks just like his daddy's early school pictures. And his daddy looks a lot like Tommy's early school pictures.
Our witch is Katie Jo. Aren't they cute? She is a big ball player and so is Luke. Beautiful little face, I am not bias either.
I tried to give  all  of the candy to them so i wouldn't eat the rest of the candy but their mother wouldn't let me.
Last year we didn't have a one.
We love our great grands. Our grands have gotten to old to go around for candy.
Have a good one

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct. Finish's

Hi friends!
My finish's for this month!
I made this for Roxie.
Addie's Quilt.
Tatum's pillow sham.
Tatum's quilt.
Another Christmas table runner.
Addie's Pillow shams!
On to Christmas sewing!